Leadership Development Retreat for Next-Gen Leaders


2024 is almost there, and you probably have the business goals and strategic meetings all lined up. But what about the other aspects of your life? The thing is, your business is a reflection of who you are. How is the rest of your life impacting the way you lead?

Our 5-day transformational retreat is designed to empower leaders and emerging leaders in navigating the challenges of the rapidly changing landscape.


Application Closed

5 Days / 4 Nights

In-person retreat in Mexico and 2 group calls online

Maximum of 10 participants

February 7th – 11th, 2024

Tailor-made for visionary leaders, our program nurtures both personal and professional development, helping you become a better leader and role model. You will:

  • Take a timeout to regroup, reflect, and adjust
  • Tap into the unconscious for new solutions
  • Realign with the best of who you are
  • Deepen your connection with yourself and the world
  • Stay grounded and maintain peak performance in a changing landscape

Aeon leading a retreat Leadership2

Our Unique Approach

This retreat is a holistic exploration of leadership, resilience, and self-discovery through the four elemental forces that shape our existence – Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Our unconventional approach stems from our diverse backgrounds and is built upon three foundational pillars.


Day 1: Earth – Grounding and stabilityiner

Welcome and Introduction: We’ll break the ice with thought-provoking questions, encouraging active listening and connection. Explore the symbolism and significance of the Earth Element in leadership. Engage in a grounding meditation, building the energetic container for the days ahead.

Afternoon Session: Participate in a workshop on Building a Solid Foundation, dive into core values, beliefs, and defining success with integrity. Share experiences in group discussions.

Evening Session: Cacao ceremony, followed by guided relaxation and self-reflection exercises.

Day 2: Water – Adaptability and Flow

Morning Session: Awaken your body with morning yoga and stretching. Introduction to the Water Element; embracing change, and developing resilience.

Afternoon Session: Icebath Ritual, releasing negativity and embracing positivity. Build trust and collaboration through vulnerability in a workshop and group discussions.

Evening Session: Pain, suffering and the art of letting go.

Day 3: Fire – Passion and Transformation

Morning Session: Fire Element: Explore the unseen forces that impact your energy and embark on a guided visualization about courage.

Afternoon Session: Discussions on masculinity and femininity and its impact on leadership

Evening Session: Transformative Temescal connecting with the power of fire.

Day 4: Air – Communication and Joy

Morning Session: Continue the elemental journey by understanding the Air Element. Engage in breathwork, self-reflection through journaling, and find joy in the moment.

Afternoon Session: Sharpen your communication skills and learn to handle difficult conversations. 

Evening Session: Closing meditation, embracing the elements within, and moving forward as empowered leaders. Celebrate with a dinner and a soul-soothing sound bath.

Day 5: Closing

We will enjoy a last breakfast together before heading back to Cancun Airport.

Application process

We believe in the power of a curated experience. We don’t work with just anyone; we carefully select our clients through private invitations or a rigorous application process. This ensures that our programs are tailored to individuals who share our vision and are committed to the transformative journey of becoming exceptional leaders.

Step 1. Click on the button below to apply. We’ll be in touch soon after.

Step 2. Pay the deposit to secure your spot.

Step 3. Then it will go as follows:

Online Session

We begin with an online group call where we’ll build connections and set the goals for the in-person retreat.

5 days in-person Retreat

We come together for an all-inclusive* 5 day/4 night retreat in Mexico. You will deepen your understanding of yourself, develop your inner leadership, emotional intelligence, effective communication, identify unseen forces and reach a higher level of self-mastery.

Online Session

We’ll bring our learnings together, integrating the growth and celebrating the progress you’ve made.

* Excluding international/national flight (see Q&A below)

What to expect

On top of meeting extraordinary people, spending 5 days in a luxury tropical location on the Caribbean sea, you will:

  • Get insight into how your personal energy field works and is maintained
  • Learn the best way to find your center so that you never have to feel unprepared or off track.
  • Re-align with your authentic presence 
  • Deepen interpersonal understanding to foster greater intimacy
  • Know how to quickly recover from any setback or loss. 
  • Learn to work with unseen forces
  • Increase your flow state & experience more synchronicity

The venue

Your Investment

4999 USD

*Ask us about our group rate if you are sending more than one person.


Is there a deadline for registration?

We have limited spots available, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Applications will close as soon as the group is complete.

What happens if I'm not selected to participate?

If your application is not accepted, we will provide feedback and guidance for future opportunities.

What is included?

The 4-day 4, 4-night retreat is all-inclusive (accommodation, food, soft beverages, snacks, and transportation). You will be picked up at Cancun Airport on and brought back to the airport on Sunday late morning. Your flights are not included.

Please note that this is an alcohol and drug-free retreat.

Can I cancel?

If you choose to cancel, we’ll refund your payment with a deduction of a 1000 USD fee. However, if we need to cancel the retreat for any reason, you’ll get a full refund. Keep in mind that you can transfer your spot to someone else.

What is happening on day 5?

On the last day, we will have breakfast together before heading back to Cancun Airport.

Alcohol and drugs policy

This retreat is a sanctuary for clear minds and focused spirits. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed.