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A New Iteration in Leadership Development

Leadership2  is a transformative discovery project that empowers next-gen leaders to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of today’s world so that they are not left behind. We assist in identifying necessary adjustments to navigate the chaos, confusion, and unseen forces while embracing exciting opportunities.

With new concepts, technologies, and sometimes shattering worldviews emerging daily, understanding our values and position within these realities is essential for effective leadership.

Leadership2  is a new iteration in leadership development. We facilitate deep conversations and a collaborative approach to support leaders in navigating this dynamic landscape and making aligned decisions that drive positive impact.

Where Limitless Potential Meets Innate Wisdom

We believe that human potential is boundless and multifaceted, transcending our current cognitive limits. Our vision for the future is to create communities where power is harnessed as a collective force to drive positive change, using a combination of intellectual and innate wisdom to tap into our limitless potential.

Events & Seminars

Our transformational workshops, retreats, and seminars aim to draw out peak performance flow states through practices of self-mastery, fostering deeper connections to self and others.


Council Sessions

Our invite-only council sessions connect extraordinary leaders to the cosmic intelligence that lives within their hearts, using meditative practices to awaken innate genius and amplify impact in the world.


Golden Network

On our exclusive community of extraordinary leaders, we share thought-provoking interviews with our members, promote necessary conversations, and provide a place to connect, collaborate, and power up together.


We nurture conversations with heart-led, ambitious, forward-thinking leaders and disruptors who are passionate about creating a new era where everyone thrives.

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Our Experts

We have come together to serve at the deepest level. Our individual backgrounds, experiences, and life journeys are vastly different, but we believe that these differences are what make us strong. By harnessing our strengths and balancing male and female energies, we have developed an innovative approach to collaborative leadership that sets us apart from the rest.

Aeon Karris

Leadership Consultant & Master Mystic

François de Neuville

High Performance & Self-Mastery Coach

The Challenges of Traditional Leadership Models

In today’s world, the prevailing leadership models prioritize profit over people, lack humanity and empathy, and often lead to abuses of power. These issues result in low employee engagement, mediocre organizational culture, and negative impacts on well-being. We understand that these symptoms arise from a deeper problem—the lack of structure to keep leaders in check and unresolved personal traumas that unconsciously influence their behavior. It’s time for a change. 


The core aspects of conscious leadership:

Increase Awareness

Gain clarity on the problems you face today and identify the unseen forces challenging you to step up your game.

Heal the Past

Break free from the limitations of past mistakes and generational traumas to embrace a more empowering leadership approach.

Develop Self-Mastery

Become a positive role model and a high-performance leader by mastering emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Lead with More Humanity

Learn how to lead with love, foster genuine connections, and build a culture of collaboration and empowerment.

Don't risk being left behind!

To stay in the game, you must make leadership development a priority.




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