About Us

We have come together to serve at the deepest level. Our individual backgrounds, experiences, and life journeys are vastly different, but we believe that these differences are what make us strong. By harnessing our strengths and balancing male and female energies, we have developed an innovative approach to collaborative leadership that sets us apart from the rest.

Aeon Karris

Aeon Karis has been a visionary consultant and transformational guide for elite businessmen, royals, and leading gurus based in India, Japan, and the USA for nearly 30 years. She is the author of “Synchronicity,” “Unlock Your Divine Destiny” and the curator of the Leadership2 Project.

François de Neuville

François is a former platoon leader in the commando-paratrooper, a tsunami survivor, and an adventurer. He combines what he learned in the military, his travel around the world, and his work as a high-performance coach to establish expertise in performance and self-mastery. He is the author of “The Illusion of Time”.


Our Vision

To create a world where our innate wisdom and cutting-edge scientific innovations are integrated, enabling us to unlock our limitless potential as cosmic beings having a human experience. We believe in harnessing our collective consciousness and power to drive positive change, and we strive to create a business that operates on the principle of power with, not power over. Our goal is to leverage our collective knowledge and potential to build a better future for all, where everyone can thrive and infinite possibilities are realized.